Luxury Bus Rentals in Union City

Union Express Travelis a complete transportation company, and offers vehicles ranging from 9 - 57 passengers. Our fleet is one of the most modern in the transportation industry. Each vehicle is equipped with the most modern communication equipment in order to keep in contact with our 24-hour dispatch operation.

Our vehicles have DVD video and audio capabilities, PA systems, reclining seats and lavatory. Please be sure to request any special needs you may have regarding additional equipment when booking your charter bus with Union Express Travel.
All of our vehicles are designed for comfort and reliability. Just sit back and relax or watch a movie on our video screens. (Video capabilities furnished upon request). For complete tips on booking a charter with Union Express Travel

vehicles are equipped with a state-of-the-art public address system with speakers located under every seat, allowing passengers excellent audio reception of the guide narration even in the open air. Heating coils are situated throughout the top deck flooring to provide comfort in cool weather.